Do you have some skills , and would you like to make money while you surf the internet ? Well with the economy of the day , one has to diversify his/her income sources to be well off financially. if you want to know trusted freelance websites where you can make money by making use of your skills then you have come to the right place.

The freelance websites which you can earn money , in the order of simplicity and popularity are:

Fiverr is the most popular and easy to use freelance websites , for both those who want to make money or get services at a cheap rate. Fiverr bills itself as the worlds largest marketplace for services starting at only $5. As a Freelancer you can advertise your services(gig) which may be graphics , advertising, marketing , seo services , article writing and editing and much more.

When someone orders your service(gig) and you successfully complete it, you get paid $5 dollars where fiverr deducts $1 and you remain with $4. The popular your gig , the more money you can get. Another advantage of fiverr is that you can withdraw your money easily , with support for both paypal and payoneer payment services . What you wait for ? Click on the link below to signup for fiverr and start earning right away.

Another of the most popular freelance websites after fiverr is which is billed as the #1 professional market place for freelancers with over 4.5 million freelancers , 1.5 million posted and currently one in the freelancer market. As a freelancer , you can apply for jobs posted on the site which covers a variety of topics, these include logo designers , wordpress experts, web and mobile developers, personal assistants and much more.

The good thing about Odesk is that you can negotiate on what and when you will want to be paid , at the same time it supports various payment methods.

Elance is another popular freelancer website behind odesk much like , where you can activiely bid for jobs posted as a freelancer . The beauty of Elance is that it has no much competition compared to Odesk , hence it it highly recommended that New Freelancers to try using elance first to hone up their skills then head over to odesk and compete with the big fish.

Elance features a lot of jobs depending on one’s skills in a host of categories and with daily job listings, you can easily get hired and start earning money.

peopleperhour is a unique freelancer website , very different from elance, odesk or fiverr. This because with PeoplePerHour , You as a freelancer are required to post your job (which is free) and state how much amount of money you will want to get paid per hour for doing the job you just posted.

Customers will then browse the website, and if they find your job interesting , they will order it and guess what ? you get paid for doing that job per hour . The advantage with PeoplePerHour is that you set the amount of money you want to be paid for the services you offer. this will range from $10 to even $1000. Access the website from the link provided below and start earning per hour is a site similar to both odesk and elance where you can hire professionals in any field to do any work for you in various categories such as article writting , video marketting , web & mobile development and much more .

The competition on this site is huge but in order to standout , you can take proficiency courses in you are of interest and the chances of getting hired for a particular job will be high. Just follow the link below to sign up, fill your profile and get started bidding for jobs.

Today’s website guide topic has been on freelance websites , and above i have provided a number of the five best freelance websites where you can earn money by using you skills to perform jobs for other people. Any skill that you have be it writting articles, editting, graphics , development or any other skill can earn you money simply by you visiting the above mentioned sites and applying/advertising for jobs.

With only a computer , skills and time, you can easily earn alot of money by being a freelancer. Go ahead and apply to the above mentioned sites and Remember : it takes time and patience so dont loose hope when applying for jobs. Enjoy and Happy earnings.