With its ever-changing content, Fortnite has become an absolute phenomenon. Players worldwide spend countless hours exploring the game’s world and collecting a variety of items. One of these items are skins, which have become one of the most sought after cosmetics in the game. While many rare and beautiful skins are available, some of them stand out with their unique designs that can be either funny or downright weird. Here is a look at some of the funniest and weirdest rare Fortnite skins ever made.

The Rainbow Rider Skin

This skin was first released in 2018 as part of a special bundle for Pride Month celebrations. And it looks like it! The character comes dressed in a colourful rainbow outfit that includes a cape, boots and even wings! This skin certainly stands out from the crowd, but whether you like it or not is up to you. It’s definitely one of those love it or hate it skins, but it’s definitely fun to look at!

The Tomato Head Skin

The Tomato Head is one of those weirdly funny skins that you’ll either love or hate. The design features a tomato head with bright yellow eyes peering out from under its red hat and glasses, while the rest of the body wears a green t-shirt and matching trousers. It’s definitely one of those unique skins that’s sure to catch people’s attention!

The Cuddle Team Leader Skin

The Cuddle Team Leader was first released in February 2018 as part of the Battle Pass Season 3 rewards. The skin features an oversized pink bear suit, complete with gloves and big round ears on top – perfect for anyone who loves cuddly animals! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s undoubtedly one of the cutest (and strangest) skins Epic Games has ever created.

The Durrr Burger Skin

This skin was first released in May 2018 as part of an event featuring various fast food chains, including KFC and Taco Bell. As you might expect from the name, this skin features an oversized burger costume, complete with fries and ketchup smeared all over your face – making it both delicious looking and incredibly creepy at the same time!

The Ollie Skin

Another interesting release in January 2019, Ollie is a half-human, half-chicken hybrid that comes complete with wings and claws in place of hands – making it pretty hard to miss on any battlefield! This skin may not look the most appealing, but it is undeniably weird enough to make players laugh when they see someone running around in this strange outfit.


Fortnite has certainly introduced us to some truly impressive characters through the plethora of cosmetic options available throughout the seasons – from the beautiful to the downright weird, such as the Rainbow Rider, the Tomator Head, the Cuddle Team Leader, and so on. All of these outfits offer something different from one another, giving players plenty of opportunity to customise their avatars to suit their own style preferences.