The Battery on your laptop computer is a very important component since it determines the extent of portability of your laptop device or any other portable device for that matter. Having a defective battery will limit your outdoor computer use since the battery cannot hold charge for long hours as you would wish it to, thus the need to be near a electric power source will be more.

Batteries will loose their ability to hold enough charge over time hence It is very important to take great care of your computer’s battery in order to get the most life out of it and ultimately extend its overall timespan before the need for replacement occurs. Below are some battery care tips to help in extending your laptop computer’s battery life

1. Never Leave A powered Charger Connected To your Laptop Computer When Turned Off

This is one of the major mistakes that most laptop computer owners make by leaving their chargers connected to their laptops when they are turned off. When your batteries are fully charged and power is still connected , it will cause the batteries to be overcharged and hence this causes the battery to wear down and with time, the battery will be unable to hold sufficient charge supplied to it by the power cable. It is therefore advisable that once you are done using your laptop computer, unplug the charger from the power source.

2.Do not Expose your laptop Computer to Extreme weather conditions

A good example of this is being in a chilly environment one minute and immediately moving to a warm environment the next minute. This has an effect of causing moisture to form on your battery. This is very dangerous because it may trigger a short on your batteries hence cause its chemicals to leak out and ultimately cause your battery to swell. This scenario has adverse effects on both your health and the internal parts of your computer

3. Do not let your Battery become to Hot

If you notice that your battery is becoming too hot then its an indication that the battery is not working properly. Try to place your laptop on a slightly elevated position to ensure that its fan has adequate space to circulate air properly and keep your battery cool.

4. Do not keep Your Laptop Computer Plugged in at all times

Keeping your laptop plugged in at all times will make your battery deteriorate much faster. Damage on a battery is most likely to occur when a battery is fully charged at 100% and the charger still plugged in for longer times. It is thus advisable to sometimes let your battery discharge until you get the lower battery notification to plug in your charger.

It is also prudent to fall your laptop computer manufactures instructions and manuals on how well to charge your laptop battery. Such manuals can be found on the user manual that accompanied your computer or even the computers official website. It is also very important to ONLY use the power cord and charger provided by your manufacturer.

If your are going on vacation or will be away on a journey for sometime and you will be leaving your laptop behind then it is advisable that you fully charge it before you go and let the power slowly drain while you are away. Another important point to remember is that you should live your computer on a room temperature environment i.e. not cold or not hot environment

Batteries are important components of our computing life and therefore great care should be taken in order to lengthen their life. Following and practicing the above battery care tips will help do so. With time(several years) unfortunately , you battery will continue to hold lesser and lesser charge, and the need to replace them will arise , you can easily contact your manufacturer for replacement batteries or do a search from amazon website link provided below for cheap laptop battery for any computer