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How to Easily Clean your Computer For Free 

Is your computer running slow ? Well , A computer needs to be to be maintained regularly , otherwise the computer will begin to run slow . It is advisable to Scan and maintan your computer frequently , sy like every two weeks to ensure its smooth operation.

  • To keep your computer at optimal performance, numerous activities have to be taken into consideration when cleaning your computer such as:
  • Registry cleaning : A register that contains all your computer activities, it needs to be cleaned regularly .
  • Temporary Files Cleaning : Windows accumulate this files , and over time they may occupy large valuable space
  • Adware and Spyware Cleaning : You have to scan and ensure your computer system is not hijacked by malware and adeware, and if so then it should be eliminated
  • Uninstall unused programs : You may have programs that you no longer use and they take valuable space, that need to removed.

As seen above, very many cleaning processes have to take place to ensure our computer is thoroughly cleaned. Would’nt it be more easy if there was a program to automatically do all this at once ??

Today, i introduce an effective computer cleaning and optimization software known as Glary Utilities.

Well Glary Utilities is a computer Cleaning and Optimzation Software that comes with a wide range of tools and premium features or geared towards ensuring your computer is cleaned and running as fast as it should be.

Protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and cleaner

As mentioned, Glary utilities includes a list of over 20 plus premium tools to enable you clean your computer for free. Some of the tools include :

Additionally, Glary utilities also features a 1-Click Maintenance to ensure you do the above tasks automatically and at once. Glary utilities is evidently a must have pc cleaning tool.

How to Clean your Computer For Free using Glary Utilities

To use Glary utilities, Please follow the outlined steps below to ensure you effectively clean your computer for free.

1. Download Glary Utilities and Install (Download Link will be provided below)

3. Click on scan for issues and await while glary utilities scans your computer

4. After Scanning, Click on the Repair button, Glary utilities will go on Clean your computer for free and fast.

Computer clean up software is an important piece of software that each and every pc computer user should have to ensure that your computer is problem free, junk free and able to run at optimum speeds without being affected by problems such as registry problems, privacy problems or adware and spyware . (see also Free Software to Remove Spyware from your Computer)

Glary utilies is therefore a clean up software that will enable you clean up your computer for free and it is highly recommended to have on your computer.

To Download Glary utilities, Follow the link below and Download

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Top 3 Must HAVE Mozilla Add-ons for Online Shoppers 

Want to save tons of money while shopping online ? This Mozilla Add-ons will assist you

The number of online retailers is increasing each day and so are the number of online shoppers. Deals and Savings are part of the online shopping experience where users can save money when buying goods and services online.

Earlier, I had written an article on The Best Websites for online Shopping, where I listed the best websites and their deals and savings section, please do checkout if you need to know of online websites.

In this article, we explore the Best Mozilla Shopping Add-ons that will keep track of the best deals and savings happening online and automatically fill in Coupons for you to ensure you have maximum savings when shopping online.

3 Must HAVE Mozilla Add-ons for Online Shoppers

PriceBlink is the best Firefox online add-on there is and actually scooped a 2012 Readers Choice Award for best Firefox browser add-on.

When you browse the internet, PriceBlink automatically finds lower prices for products and looks for money saving coupons from thousands of online retailers , so regardless of which website your are, you will always find discounts.

PriceBlink helps you save money and has cool features such:

  • Instant Price Comparison – Find the lowest price on a given product
    Coupons – Get alerts on both money saving and free shipping coupon codes
    Shipping Charges – Get first hand information on shipping charges should you buy the product Shopping works much like PriceBlink but offers much more privacy when shopping online by supporting the use of HTTPS and works on search engines. Additionally, it is Safe, Discrete and 100% free.

So when you search for products through your favourite search engines, shopping will provide you with existing coupons alongside the search results.

Invisible hand is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on that automatically get the lowest price on online products ( including flights).

Just as its name , this add-on will show a discrete notification when a better price for products and flights is available. It is non intrusive and must have for online shoppers and travels.

InvisibleHand is free and supports major retailers in the US, UK and Germany, for more information please visit their official site

All the three Mozilla Add-on’s listed above pretty much do the same thing with little difference in features, it is recommended to install any two and experiment, but if you only need to install one mozilla add-on then i would recommend InvisibleHand.

As online shopping expands , it is important that you as a shopper be smart and be able to save some bucks when you buy your favourite products online or even when you shop.

With these mozilla addon, you will be able to save, get value for money and buy more stuff online

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7 Most Important Computer Security Tips You should Follow 

Why Computer Security Tips ? Aside from smartphones, Personal computers have become indespensable tools in our lives because we depend on them for a lot of activities such as surfing the internet, reading ebooks , organizing personal data , our multimedia needs and much more.

With computer use increasing day by day, there is the ever growing threat of getting viruses or malware which may damage your computer’s operating system , corrupt your files , result in data loss among other damaging things that we must avoid at all costs .

Earlier i wrote a post about Best Software to Get Rid of Malware from your Computer and Best Free Antivirus Programs for your Windows Computer which you should check in case you don’t have these programs installed. Today i therefore present to you the most important computer security tips you should follow in order to ensure your computer is secure and protected against a majority of ever growing threats.

This computer security tips are easy to follow and important because we all need to secure our computers and the data in it.

1. Ensure you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, you should only install one antivirus program for efficient operation

2. Install an antispyware program , this serves to compliment your antivirus program and ensure you have added protection

3. Enable your computer’s firewall program . A firewall serves to deter intruders from unauthorised access of your computer system

4. Make sure all your installed programs are regularly updated , especially your anti virus and antispyware. This helps them keep up with the ever rising virus programs that are created

5. When using the internet, Never open email attachments from unkonwn sources because some are spam that contain virus programs and this may easily infect your computer

7. Perfom regular antivirus/antispyware scans of your entire computer. You can do this manually or set it up to scan your computer automatically from your program’s settings page.

One bonus computer security tip i have for you is that Always scan removal media (flash disks) that you or your friends might use to transfer files on your computer. The problem with removal media is that they are used on a variety of computers and have the ability to carry viruses within them from various sources. Removal media poses a huge threat to your computer security thus you should Always scan before opening them.

By following this invaluable easy computer security tips, your computer should be protected at all times and the chances of being infected are next to none . Remember , having a secure well protected computer is important because this means your personal data, programs and multimedia content are protected from loss or corruption by viruses and malware programs.

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The Best Battery Care Tips for your Laptop Computer 

The Battery on your laptop computer is a very important component since it determines the extent of portability of your laptop device or any other portable device for that matter. Having a defective battery will limit your outdoor computer use since the battery cannot hold charge for long hours as you would wish it to, thus the need to be near a electric power source will be more.

Batteries will loose their ability to hold enough charge over time hence It is very important to take great care of your computer’s battery in order to get the most life out of it and ultimately extend its overall timespan before the need for replacement occurs. Below are some battery care tips to help in extending your laptop computer’s battery life

1. Never Leave A powered Charger Connected To your Laptop Computer When Turned Off

This is one of the major mistakes that most laptop computer owners make by leaving their chargers connected to their laptops when they are turned off. When your batteries are fully charged and power is still connected , it will cause the batteries to be overcharged and hence this causes the battery to wear down and with time, the battery will be unable to hold sufficient charge supplied to it by the power cable. It is therefore advisable that once you are done using your laptop computer, unplug the charger from the power source.

2.Do not Expose your laptop Computer to Extreme weather conditions

A good example of this is being in a chilly environment one minute and immediately moving to a warm environment the next minute. This has an effect of causing moisture to form on your battery. This is very dangerous because it may trigger a short on your batteries hence cause its chemicals to leak out and ultimately cause your battery to swell. This scenario has adverse effects on both your health and the internal parts of your computer

3. Do not let your Battery become to Hot

If you notice that your battery is becoming too hot then its an indication that the battery is not working properly. Try to place your laptop on a slightly elevated position to ensure that its fan has adequate space to circulate air properly and keep your battery cool.

4. Do not keep Your Laptop Computer Plugged in at all times

Keeping your laptop plugged in at all times will make your battery deteriorate much faster. Damage on a battery is most likely to occur when a battery is fully charged at 100% and the charger still plugged in for longer times. It is thus advisable to sometimes let your battery discharge until you get the lower battery notification to plug in your charger.

It is also prudent to fall your laptop computer manufactures instructions and manuals on how well to charge your laptop battery. Such manuals can be found on the user manual that accompanied your computer or even the computers official website. It is also very important to ONLY use the power cord and charger provided by your manufacturer.

If your are going on vacation or will be away on a journey for sometime and you will be leaving your laptop behind then it is advisable that you fully charge it before you go and let the power slowly drain while you are away. Another important point to remember is that you should live your computer on a room temperature environment i.e. not cold or not hot environment

Batteries are important components of our computing life and therefore great care should be taken in order to lengthen their life. Following and practicing the above battery care tips will help do so. With time(several years) unfortunately , you battery will continue to hold lesser and lesser charge, and the need to replace them will arise , you can easily contact your manufacturer for replacement batteries or do a search from amazon website link provided below for cheap laptop battery for any computer

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The Best of Black Friday Deals 

Black Friday is Finally here with us , Someone give me a hell yeah ? If you read my earlier post on most popular black Friday week deals from amazon then you would understand what black Friday means and why it is the biggest day you don’t want to miss shopping on this day because most companies do offer crazy discounts on all of their products.

Here at AzTechNews , being a site dedicated to technology, we are going to update you on all the hot trending technology black Friday deals going around , and this post will be updated on a regular basis to reflect both new offers and expired ones, so keep it tuned.

The technology deals do range from Website hosting, Domain Name buying , WordPress themes, technology gadgets from your favourite online store such as Amazon , and Best Buy plus much more. Enjoy

If you want to venture into the world of web hosting then this is the best opportune time. webhosting companies and domain registrars are offering nice deals on both domain name registration , transfer and security SSL cerificates.

Namecheap is offering deals on both SSl Certificates, domain name registration and transfer at all time low price.

a. Get 50% off any SSL ceritifcate. (Ongoing)

Follow this link , or and use the code: halfssl

b. Get a OnePager for only $9.98 per year (Upcoming)

Namecheap is currently offering a onepager for only $9.98 per year. Visit this link and use the coupon code : onepagerpromo

c. 75% Off on Reseller Hosting (Upcoming)

Want to be a reseller, head over to name cheap right now and get 75% off all hosting packages. Use the coupon code: reseller75

d. Get Domain names .com/.org/.net for only $0.98 (Upcoming)

This offer from namecheap starts at 8am EST . so visit their official website, and keep waiting for this offer to be active. You get to have your preferred domain names for only $0.98 . I will share the coupon here once it goes live.

If you would like to plunge into the world of webhosting with a great deal for starters then this is your moment . keep an eye on this section of the post.

Hostgator WebHostingThe best hosting company , hostgator has the following trending black friday deals

  • Get 60% OFF your hosting package, upgrades included. Visit their site and sign up here
  • Get web hosting for only $0.01 on the first month, use coupon code : CouponsFirst
  • Other upcoming deals will be posted as they come

This is arguably the best part of black Friday deals , Computers and Electronics do form part of our lives and today are at all time low. Enjoy this and more deals from Amazon Website.

The ASUS transformer Aio 18.4 inch is a tablet cum desktop computer and it features : a processor intel core i5 / intel core i3 , 4gb DDR3 ram and 2gb DDR3 ram for the included has an 18.4 inch wide screen and comes pre installed with windows 8.1 .

Today only for a limited time, you get it at a great price of $762.33 ,and get to save a whooping $309 . just visit the link below


The Logitech HD Webcam features a hd wide screen and 720P recording and video calling capabilities .

Today only, the LogiTech Webcam goes for $19.99 , you save $20, and whats more ? free shipping is included. Enjoy

The amazing wireless keyboard from Logitech is going on sale today for 50% OFF, though it has been 100% claimed, you can still join the wait list and take advantage of the great bargain. Enjoy

For these and much more extremely crazy and hot deals from amazon , please visit their official site below and grab any of the available deals . Enjoy and have a good time, there is everything for everyone

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The Most Popular Black Friday Deals From Amazon 

If you have been surfing the internet lately , you must have seen much of the word Black Friday and the crazy shopping deals that various websites are offering you on select goods such as Electronics , housewares, software and a lot of other stuff.

Are you looking for the best black Friday deals around the internet then this post and website will give you tons of black Friday deals going around especially from Amazon, the worlds largest online shopping store. but what exactly is black Friday ?

According to Wikipedia, Black Friday is :

Now there you have it, black Friday is a day to kick start the Christmas holiday. while traditionally it was supposed to be a one day event, online companies have presently held this event as early as two weeks from the original date.

In this post, i provide you with the currently trending hot black friday deals from your popular shopping website amazon. Enjoy

The Samsung galaxy tab 3 is on sale for $100 cheaper than the original price on Amazon.

The Samsung galaxy tab is one of the most beautiful powerful tabs and it features a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of DDR2 S DRAM, a 16gb storage and it runs on the android operating system 4.2 Jelly Bean and it is available in both black and white colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with a variation of deep grey and white colours, running android OS 4.0 ice cream sandwich is also $100 off going at a price of $399

Get 30% Off on select All in one Desktop computers

If you wanted to get your hands on a new all in one computer then this is the chance you don’t want to miss. Amazon black Friday deals features a discount of 30% (up to $200 0ff) on select all in one computers. These are:

Dell Insipiron One 23 Inch All in One Desktop (Save $220)

The Dell inspiron one is one of the more powerful all in one computers available featuring a 4Gb DDR3 ram , 500 GB hard disk space, a 23 inch fully touch screen display and is shipped with windows 8 installed.

Acer Aspire AZ3 All in one Touch Screen Desktop (Save $200)

The Acer Aspire is arguably a high end powerful and beautifully designed with the attractive price of $799. it Features an Intel core 15 1.8 GHz processor, 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a whooping 1 terabyte of storage for all your files.

These and much more computers attract a 30 % discount , You can view the entire list of all in one computers featured in the amazon black Friday deal by visiting the Amazon website on this link

Up to 60% off on SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Cards

Are you searching for micro SD cards , well today is your lucky day because you get to save a lot (up to $46) on select sanDisk microSD cards. The most popular is the 32gb model which normally costs $69 , but today you get it for $23.99 only. the SanDisk micro SD cards also ships with free adapters.

You can view Other deals on SanDisk MicroSD cards by visiting here.

The future of storage is Solid State Device Drives also known as SSD drives , which work on flash technology to ensure all your data is saved properly and you can access it easily and in a faster way.

Today’s deal on Samsung SSD deals include drives ranging from 1TB size to 120GB , all have 20% off so you get to save huge if you are shopping for them.

The most popular Samsung Evo Series SSD drives are:

In this post i have sampled some of the most hot, incredible and unheard of deals that you wont find anywhere on this planet in a regular day. If you are big on computer and accessories then this is your opportunity to shop and save plus its an incredible way to start your Christmas festivities. Enjoy

Other amazon black Friday deals can be found by visiting the amazon websites where you can find a lot of products featured in deals and buy. just click the link provided below for more black Friday deals

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