Have you ever been in a position where you want to log in to a particular website and dont remember the password you initially used to signup for an account ? Well this are commmon challenges that we all face when browsing the internet because everyday thousands of websites are being created be it social media sites, music sites , download sites, information sites and so on that require us to register for an account first before using the particular services being rendered.

As human beings, we go to the internet for a variety of reasons or to get a variety of services hence when we create accounts in most of the websites we visit , it becomes hard to remember and manage all your passwords that you used to create accounts in a majority of sites such as gmail, facebook, twitter, quora etc. This challenge is further amplified since we fear using the same passwords over all our accounts since there is the ever growing possibility of your accounts being hacked, thus becoming more difficult to manage all your passwords.

Well, if this problem sounds familiar then dont worry because it can be easily fixed using a Web application or software known as LastPass which has an awesome business tagline that says LastPass ( LastPassword in full) is the Last Password that you will ever need.

So your asking yourself what Lastpass is ? Well LastPass is a free online password manager and form filler that makes when browsing more easy and secure by helping your save and manage all your passwords through centralising user password management in the cloud hence helping to resolve the password fatique problem we all face by having to repeatedly remember and re-enter all of our online passwords.

By Password Centralisation, this means that LastPass stores all your passwords on the cloud and then provides mechanisms on how to access and use all of your passwords when required by only keying in your master passwords. A huge advantage of cloud storage is that this service will be available over all your devices i.e. Your browsers (chrome, firefox, mozilla etc), Your smartphone ( android and iOS devices) and all this is a free service.

LastPass Features to Easily Manage All your Passwords

LastPass has a variety of features for viewing and securely managing all of your passwords:

Lastpass is available for download on all major platforms that is windows, mac, all the major browsers and all your smartphones i.e. android phones and tablets, iphones and ipads. Click the link below to take you to the LastPass download package to select the most Suitable package.

It is evident that Managing many passowrds is not easy and most times you tend to forget some or most of your passwords. With Lastpass, all that changes because now you can easily and securely manage all your passwords hence your internet browsing experience will be enjoyable and hastle free. Enjoyed This Article ? please share with your friends and help them easily manage all of their passwords too.