Have you ever heard of the Word Chromebook ? well if you are or if you have not then you have come to the right place because this article is about chromebooks, what they are , their features and most importantly where you should get one if you are interested which i guarantee you would.

A chromebook is a new type of personal computer which runs on the chromium operating system and developed by the search engine giant Google. Chromebooks are unique and very different from traditional laptops and/or tablets because they are designed to be majorly used while you are connected on the internet and they do support web applications as oppossed to applications installed on the machine itself.

When chromebooks were first developed and sold , most people were skeptical about them , because they rely on the internet for much of the stuff. but with time , people have come to embrace them because for one they are fast , secure , full featured and very productive as opposed to tablets computers and most importantly they are cheap with a price of less than $300.

Chromebooks comes shipped with an impressive list of features not yet achieved with traditional computers or tablets. these features are:

The chromebook is ready when you are, which means it boots up at an incredibly shoter time, which is less than 10 seconds to get to the desktop area alone . The chromebook not only boots fast but is also fast when using it . this is impressive

With the chromebook , you have access to the google chrome webstore where you can find and use millions of web apps to get things done . applications range from pdf readers , video tools, website tools, security apps and much more.

3. Secure ( You have a peace of mind)

With chromebooks you never have to worry about viruses infecting your computer or antivirus programs asking you to update. The chromebooks do run on the chromium os which has built in protection against viruses with multiple layers of protection.

Additionally you never have to worry about your documents and files getting corrupted because chromebooks features the Google drive which enables you save documents both on your chromebook and on the cloud.

chromebooks plays well with all your devices especially your smartphones . An added bonus is you do not need extra power cables to power on your chromebook. your smartphone charger works well with the chromebook.

Chromebooks have low power intake , and with that they do feature a good battery life which is usually upto 6 hours for regular use. again this may vary depending on your battery usage.

Charging chromebook batteries is also easy which reduces the downtime , and the fact that you can charge your chromebook using a USB cable , is a plus because you can even get power from a nearby person using a laptop with no hassles.

The chromebook is indeed a future laptop replaced because as seen above , it comes packed with a lot of features , which you can learn more by following this link.

What ChromeBook Devices are Available ?

As of this writing , a vast number of chromebooks are available for purchase , which i will be doing a review of each of them in the future . But for a summary, the most popular chromebooks available now , which i must add , have received very good reviews are

This is the newly lunched chromebook by Hp company and comes featured in either blue or white impressive colours. the chromebook features are :

This newly unveiled hp chromebook has proven to be the most popular chromebook so far and you can view more features and product details from the link provided.