Why Computer Security Tips ? Aside from smartphones, Personal computers have become indespensable tools in our lives because we depend on them for a lot of activities such as surfing the internet, reading ebooks , organizing personal data , our multimedia needs and much more.

With computer use increasing day by day, there is the ever growing threat of getting viruses or malware which may damage your computer’s operating system , corrupt your files , result in data loss among other damaging things that we must avoid at all costs .

Earlier i wrote a post about Best Software to Get Rid of Malware from your Computer and Best Free Antivirus Programs for your Windows Computer which you should check in case you don’t have these programs installed. Today i therefore present to you the most important computer security tips you should follow in order to ensure your computer is secure and protected against a majority of ever growing threats.

This computer security tips are easy to follow and important because we all need to secure our computers and the data in it.

1. Ensure you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, you should only install one antivirus program for efficient operation

2. Install an antispyware program , this serves to compliment your antivirus program and ensure you have added protection

3. Enable your computer’s firewall program . A firewall serves to deter intruders from unauthorised access of your computer system

4. Make sure all your installed programs are regularly updated , especially your anti virus and antispyware. This helps them keep up with the ever rising virus programs that are created

5. When using the internet, Never open email attachments from unkonwn sources because some are spam that contain virus programs and this may easily infect your computer

7. Perfom regular antivirus/antispyware scans of your entire computer. You can do this manually or set it up to scan your computer automatically from your program’s settings page.

One bonus computer security tip i have for you is that Always scan removal media (flash disks) that you or your friends might use to transfer files on your computer. The problem with removal media is that they are used on a variety of computers and have the ability to carry viruses within them from various sources. Removal media poses a huge threat to your computer security thus you should Always scan before opening them.

By following this invaluable easy computer security tips, your computer should be protected at all times and the chances of being infected are next to none . Remember , having a secure well protected computer is important because this means your personal data, programs and multimedia content are protected from loss or corruption by viruses and malware programs.